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Telescope - Vaonis Vespera 2

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Vaonis Vespera Observation Station - Short Tripod - Bubble Level - USB Wall Charger - USB Magnetic Cable - Vaonis 2 Year Limited Warranty


Meet Vespera, the perfect combination of a telescope and a camera

Smart and fully automated, Vespera is a revolution in the world of Astronomy. It offers a totally new observation experience, substituting the eyepiece with a user-friendly mobile app, bringing the wonders of the Universe to your fingertips.


It has never been easier to connect with the stars

Incredibly easy to use, just set up the tripod using the adjustable legs and press the button. Vespera then comes to life and calibrates itself using Star Field Recognition technology. After only 5 minutes, you are all set to start exploration.


Using the app, select the celestial target you want to observe and Vespera will point and track it. Vespera also benefits from unique cutting-edge technologies developed by Vaonis:



No time wasted in getting a sharp image, Vespera does it for you, always guaranteeing perfect images. Vaonis is the only company to offer this technology.


Water resistant

Don't worry about leaving your Vespera outside, it is water resistant.


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