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Meteorite - 60g

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Meteorite Details:

Name: Campo del cielo

Weight: 60g

Size: 4.3*2.8*1.6 (cm)

Composition: (Average content:

Nickel 6.67%, cobalt 0.43%, phosphorus 0.25%, gallium 87ppm, germanium 407ppm, iridium 3.6ppm, and the rest is iron (approximately 92.5%).


Meteorite Background:

Campo meteorite was found at the junction of Chaco Province and Santiago del Estero Province Province in Argentina, about 1000 km away from Buenos Aires, the capital of Argentina. Campo meteorite was scattered in 3 × At least 26 craters have formed in a 20-kilometer area, with the giant crater being 115 × 91 meters. Local indigenous residents discovered and reported the meteorite iron in the crater and surrounding areas in 1576. It is known that the total weight exceeds 100 tons, with the most significant piece being 37 tons, making it the second-largest meteorite in the world.


More than 4000 years ago, a vast meteorite rain fell in the northeast of Argentina, scattered in the 60 square kilometer area, leaving more than 20 craters, the largest of which is 115 m x 90 m. As early as the 16th century, the indigenous people of Argentina began to use Campo del Cielo Iron meteorite to make weapons. At that time, the Spanish colonialists also went to collect many Iron meteorites. They thought it was the iron ore brought by the volcanic eruption, but it was not confirmed as an Iron meteorite until 1788. Many meteorite fragments with a total weight of over 100 tons have been found in the falling area. In 1969, people found a 37-ton body (Figure 7.3, top right), the second largest meteorite in the world after the Hoba Iron meteorite. Campo del Cielo Iron meteorite contains many silicate inclusions, which is the main reason the meteorite explodes into many pieces in an air burst. Campo del Cielo Iron meteorite is a coarse Octahedron structure, and its chemical type is IAB (Ni6.7%). Testing the ℃ age of the charred trees beneath the meteorite determined that the meteorite fell approximately 4700-4200 years ago.


*** All meteorites purchased from Star Base Nights are guaranteed 100% authentic. We only purchase from reliable sources with expertise and experience in this field. All meteorites have been authenticated and verified. ***


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